Thursday, 9 December 2010

Liberal Youth in final lobby against Tuition Fee rise

Liberal Youth, the youth and student wing of the Liberal Democrats, will today lobby Lib Dem MPs in a final effort to vote down the proposed rise in Tuition Fees.

Explaining the organisations actions, Liberal Youth Policy Officer and Southport Branch Chair Sarah Harding said:

Over recent months Liberal Youth have nationally and locally been working with our Liberal Democrats Parliamentarians to encourage them to vote against increasing the cap on fees.

While Labour have been caught up in rank hypocrisy on this issue, the Liberal Democrats in government have put forward proposals that are better than Labour’s discredited policy. However, Liberal Youth simply do not think it is right that any government asks young people to start their working life in huge personal debt, even under an improved pay back system.

Southport Liberal Youth are delighted that John Pugh MP has already pledged to vote against the proposals, and urge others to follow his lead."

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