Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas from Southport Liberal Youth

Merry Christmas from all at Southport Liberal Youth.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!

Sarah, Lauren and James

Candidates in the Oldham Byelection

Nominations closed yesterday for the Oldham East and Saddleworth by-election, due to be held on 13th January.
  • Debbie Abrahams (Labour)
  • Derek Adams (British National Party)
  • Kashif Ali (Conservative)
  • Peter Allen (Green Party)
  • David Bishop (Bus-Pass Elvis Party)
  • The Flying Brick (Monster Raving Loony Party)
  • Loz Kaye (Pirate Party of the United Kingdom)
  • Stephen Morris (English Democrats)
  • Paul Nuttall (UK Independence Party)
  • Elwyn Watkins (Liberal Democrats)
Is anybody else noticing the Labour National Executive Council may have picked their candidate purely on the basis she would top the ballot paper?

To find out how to help the Liberal Democrats win in Oldham please see the post below.

Monday, 20 December 2010

We need to win before Christmas in Oldham

You can help Elwyn Watkins and the local Liberal Democrats to get a better deal for Oldham East & Saddleworth by helping elect another Lib Dem MP in the Oldham byelection. The office is open every day and even a few hours would be appreciated.

To get involved, come along to the HQ any day between 9am and 8pm or contact the campaign HQ by calling 01457 810993 or emailing

The HQ is at Tanner Business Centre, Waterside Mill, Chew Valley Road, Greenfield, OL3 7NH, or find it on the map below.

The nearest train station is Greenfield. There is plenty of parking if you're coming by car.

By car (from the Manchester Ring Road): Leave the M60 at Junction 23 (Ashton). Take the A635 (Wakefield) all the way to the entrance to Tanner Business Centre (just off Holmfirth Road after a mini-roundabout at Clarence Hotel/Pub). You should be able to see a Lib Dem diamond from the roundabout.

By car (from the M62): Leave the M62 at Junction 22 and turn left onto the A672. At the Junctions Inn crossroads, turn left onto the A640 and then immediately right onto the A6052. Carry on over the A62 and follow the A6052 until the roundabout with the A670. Take the second exit onto the A670 towards Uppermill. Branch left onto the A6051 and then turn left onto the A669 (Chew Valley Road). Follow the road to the end to reach a mini-roundabout at Clarence Hotel/Pub. Turn left at the roundabout and Tanner Business Centre is immediately on the right. You should be able to see a Lib Dem diamond from the roundabout.

If you can't make it to the HQ in person, you can still support Elwyn's campaign by making a donation to the Lib Dems using this special link. Thank you.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Social Welfare Reform

Paul Burstow, the Liberal Democrat Minster of State for Health announced last month that the Government will be changing the way social care is to be distributed.

In his radical plans, a much needed change for the better, there will be a stronger focus on a local level of provision-including early support and prevention and this will work towards the long term aim of allowing people to maintain their independence.

It has been revealed by the BBC in recent days that 1/8 young people are carers, often looking after relatives and parents, and these changes to the system will help them in a way the current system failed.

The new plans have been focused on three issues: personalisation, protection and productivity.

On personalisation, the Liberal Democrats (party policy since 2004) believe that services someone requires should be tailored to their needs, and that they and/or their carers shall be the be the best judge of what their requirements shall be. Therefore, we are introducing a wider roll-out of personal budgets. Currently, about 13% of those in need receive them, however by 2013 we hope that up to a million people who need them will have them. The Department of Health have liaised with local authorities who believe this is possible and in the next year up to £800million will be directed into social care, reablement and prevention.

On the issue of protection, by allowing people to manage their own budget the Department of Health is taking on greater risks, however, sensible safeguards will be put in place to reduce the scope for abuse of the system.

The Government also made a commitment to spend £400,000,000 on provide respite care for carers through direct payments (as in our manifesto), which will provide much needed breaks for the unsung heroes in our society.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Southport Liberal Youth disappointed by rise in fees

Liberal Youth are deeply disappointed at the result of today’s vote on raising the tuition fee cap.

Commenting, North West Chair of Liberal Youth, Sarah Harding said:

Liberal Youth and Liberal Democrat policy remains the abolition of fees. I am saddened that we have been unable to implement this, such is the nature of coalition politics. We must now see the white paper as soon as possible to help influence the new system under which loans shall be paid back.”

Despite this disappointment, Liberal Youth recognise the influence of Liberal Democrats in improving the proposals, and will continue to campaign on this front.

Liberal Youth in final lobby against Tuition Fee rise

Liberal Youth, the youth and student wing of the Liberal Democrats, will today lobby Lib Dem MPs in a final effort to vote down the proposed rise in Tuition Fees.

Explaining the organisations actions, Liberal Youth Policy Officer and Southport Branch Chair Sarah Harding said:

Over recent months Liberal Youth have nationally and locally been working with our Liberal Democrats Parliamentarians to encourage them to vote against increasing the cap on fees.

While Labour have been caught up in rank hypocrisy on this issue, the Liberal Democrats in government have put forward proposals that are better than Labour’s discredited policy. However, Liberal Youth simply do not think it is right that any government asks young people to start their working life in huge personal debt, even under an improved pay back system.

Southport Liberal Youth are delighted that John Pugh MP has already pledged to vote against the proposals, and urge others to follow his lead."