Monday, 21 June 2010

Climate Crunch

The video above shows an incident that has nothing to do with climate change, but does show the damaging effects that can be caused to our environment. Even the smallest changes in the environment are likely to have huge impacts upon the world. And it will be the poorest that are least able to adapt to lower agricultural production, increased risk of fires, droughts, floods and heatwaves (IPCC 2007) which will be caused by climate change.

We must act now to safeguard our future, and the future of our children. We have to act now to clean up the mess. It’s time to do something about climate change.

Unlike the other political parties, the Lib Dems have credible plans to make Britain 100% carbon-neutral by 2050. But we won't do it by making people's lives more difficult, or more expensive.

iI doesn't cost the earth to be green. Living environmentally will even save you money, protect you from the scourge of foreign oil imports, reduce levels of pollutants that cause illnesses like asthma and help you stay fit.

You can protect the planet whilst protecting your bank balance.

1. Sign our pledge to lead a greener, cleaner lifestyle

2. Read our top tips for being green whilst saving money and looking good and submit your own.

3. Write to, or e-mail your MP at asking them to support our campaign to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

4. Join the only party promising real action on climate change by clicking here.

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